Santa Maria offers a great variety of different kitchens from all over the world although local and Italian dishes are dominating. If you are a fish lover you will also find yourself happy here – Santa Maria is a hot spot for fresh fish which is brought in every day from the local fishermen to the restaurants.

Here you have a quick overview of a selection of Restaurants in Santa Maria

A cozy little restaurant with the ambiance that takes you to the feeling of being in an genuine Italian backyard. The Italian owner Herbert will make you feel welcome. Reservations advised. Located 2 minutes walk north from the square.
- Pros: Romantic, high quality food with Brazilian meat as specialty.
- Cons: Priced above average. Seating can be very close to your neighboring table. However this will usually add on to the pleasant experience…

Is without doubt one of the best restaurants in Santa Maria with great Italian food, service and attention to details. Located on a side street to the main road 2 minutes walk west from the square.
- Pros: Romantic, superb food and good service.
- Cons: Prices above average.

This is certainly the place you want to go in Santa Maria if you are searching for the best value for money in town. The local owner Angela serves Cape Verdean food and snacks. In the weekends you can also get BBQ and hear live music. It is located on the beach just a stone throw south east from the square.
- Pros: Local ambience by the beach, inexpensive and live music.
- Cons: You should not be in a hurry eating here – no stress is ruling.

Typical local restaurant with live music every day and a separate menu just for caipirinhas. German ham and other specialties offered. It is located right on the square.
- Pros: Renowned for the entertainment. Also good spot to watch the life in town.
- Cons: When many tourists find their way here it could mean some waiting time.

Is a great spot for pizzas and sundowners. The newly refurbished restaurant now offers a more hip lounge style and has a great location right on the beach.
- Pros: Marvelous beach location and authentic Italian pizzas and ice cream.
- Cons: Only outside seats.

Is a great place for ice cream and snacks. It is located on the main road 2 minutes walk west from the square.
- Pros: Ice cream and the location.
- Cons: Snacks only.

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