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Suzanne Lubrano
The smooth voice of passion that will massage you ears

3 albums, numerous music awards and millions of hits on Youtube are facts which speak for themselves and the Zouk music style. For Suzanne it is all about love for the music and sending the right message.
She was born in the island of Santiago in Cape Verde but grew up in the Netherlands and now at the age of 35 she is back living in Santa Maria where she finds all the peace from the sun sand and sea that one can wish for. The 4 children 2 dogs and a cat that “speaks French” keep her company when she is not on tour.
What are the highlights of Sal?
The sea...the beach...the climate. Take a walk along the beach - feel the quietness. Relax and enjoy the openness of the people here.
You have baptized a TACV Boing airplane, won several music awards including “Best African Female” and “Best West African Female” by Kora All African Music Awards - Which means most to you of these rewards?
They all mean a lot to me. They are all signs. It is like seeing the fruits of your work – it is a huge appreciation and it makes me want to give more.
What do you always bring when you travel?
The Bible. It is the most interesting book and message.
Where do you find inspiration to your music?
I find it in lot of areas like: conversations, what I see, the nature and spiritually. Everybody has a talent. Go explore you talent!
What is the best advice you have ever got?
Be yourself – my father.
Which advice would you give yourself if you met yourself as a child?
...Nothing. I don’t want to change anything. You learn with life. It’s like a butterfly – you cannot take a butterfly out of the cocoon before it is matured and ready. I believe in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I am not religious because it is something made by people but I have a relation. I pray. I believe. Everything has a reason.
What is the strangest place you have ever woken up?
Once I checked into a hotel in Angola which was built into a cave. When I woke up I felt completely like The Flintstones. It was so weird and beautiful at the same time.
What is friendship?
It is being real. To share things and always be able to count on a person like a marriage through good and bad times.
What is your best decision?
To go for my faith – and go spiritually.
What is the meaning of life?
Help each other and keep love alive – and strong!
When Suzanna was a child she wanted to become a doctor in order to help people. She didn’t become a doctor but ended up trying to help people with her music instead. An old saying goes; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Who knows if this apple could be replaced with some of that smooth Zouk music. Her 4th album will be released in the beginning of 2012 - For more info and tunes visit www.suzannaonline.com or www.itunes.com

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